Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stop Pin-ing Start Doing YHL Challenge

So this is my new blog and the first time I really decided to blog for real. I enter linky parties and plan on doing some challenges.  I did the last YHL challenge for the thrift shop.

This time Young House Love is doing a Pinterest challenge.  The point is to stop pin-ing and start doing! I don’t have a problem with this. I plan on doing lots of pins. Wait that might mean I have a problem!

I decided to take on something big, bright, and fun. We are in the process of making my little monkey’s room a big boy room.

I searched thrift stores for a long time. I was looking for a short long dresser that wasn’t too long. I wanted good bones and a fair price. I saw lots of tall dressers and a few short ones. I just didn’t want to pay $50 for a used dresser. I also didn’t want a dresser that was huge.

Then one day I was at Goodwill for $1 day looking for clothes  and bang.  There is was.  It was short and long and only $15.00. I walked away knowing I could not fit this in my car. I didn’t make it far when I turned back. I bought it. I had 48 hours to figure out how to get it to my house.  Thank you mom for helping me.

I sanded off the clear coat finish and painted on my favorite primer. Really this stuff is awesome.

Next I went to Home Depot to get spray paint. Most the time I use Krylon but home depot had none! Instead I got this…

Let me tell you something. It was AMAZING! It took only a little more than 1 can to paint is. That’s it!  It really is 2 times the coverage. Before you ask… No I did not get paid to say this.

I was super excited. It’s bright and beautiful. I loved it. Then my very opinionated 3.5 year old son marched outside and demanded that I paint it green. WHAT?!?! Problem solved!

See that… awesome green inside the drawer.  Just perfect. He totally loves it.  Yes those are really his blinds right now. L  Guess what is one of the things on my Make It March   Curtains for his room!  

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