Monday, February 25, 2013

Thrift Store Score #2

So on Thursday I went to Goodwill for $1 Thursday. This time I even got the beau to go with me. His four kiddies needed clothes for over here. The beau is not a big fan of thrifting or shopping in general. What a lame! 

I did snap a few pics of awesome things. 

Wreath anyone? You are looking at a 6" shelf full of old wreaths! Holy moly!

If I was still married this would have been mine. Then I would insist that she hang it up because I am for sure a special friend!
Aren't these sombreros horrible, ugly, and stupid  a totally awesome find. At $.99 each I sure am glad my beau bought them.

For the kiddies: three pairs of jeans, a pair of gym pants, two pairs of shorts, a dress, a skirt, and four shirts. $12.00 for all of that. The black shirt with rhinestones is H&M!

For me I found these four awesome dresses to chop up and make pretty. I purchased a cute blue knit dress,which, my little sister promptly stole. I also got a pair of pants and shorts for my little monkey, but they went missing along with three other shirts.

I love $1 day! I will be going back this week too!

So for March I have decided to do something called Make it March. I will make 20 items in 31 days! I do not promise a tutorial of each thing but I will post picture of each one!

I even made a cute banner. :) 


  1. Thrift store shopping is great. Nice finds. My family was raised on thrifting and my grandchildren are now shopping thrift stores. Imagine...

  2. I didn't go to thrift stores as a kid. I didn't start thrifting until I had a baby!