Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday DIY Hanging Laundry Bag

Today's tutorial will be a hanging laundry bag. 

Fabric. This is a remnant and is 3/4 yard
Bias Tape or Ribbon
A Clothes Hanger
A round object, I used a kids plate
A marker
Standard sewing supplies

 Fold your fabric right sides together. Center your plate towards the top of the fabric. Trace around the plate with a marker, pencil, whatever you chose. 

Cut out the circle. 

Next you would pin the bias tape around your cut circle. I used grosgrain ribbon. If you are in a pinch this works great. Plus ribbon comes in so many awesome prints. Normally I would use bias tape. I am lucky enough to have the Simplicity Bias Tape maker.  As I stated before though this was a remnant so I did not have enough fabric to make matching tape.

Sew it!

Fold it right sides together again and pin along the 3 open edges. 

Make sure to leave an opening in the top center. Make sure you back stitch before and after each pin.  Sew around the 3 open sides and flip the bag right side out. 

Insert your clothes hanger. The top will go through the opening you left. 

YAY! Totally awesome right? Hang that bad boy up!

This makes project #2 in Make It March!

  1. Black sequin skirt*
  2. PJ pants Anthony
  3. PJ pants Kayden
  4. PJ pants Yanna
  5. PJ pants Sysy
  6. PJ pants Grace
  7. PJ pants Avery
  8. PJ pants Wiggy
  9. Vintage sheet skirt
  10. Small bookshelf
  11. Green lamps
  12. VHS holder
  13. Chalk board frame
  14. Girls velvet skirt
  15. Batman backpack *
  16. Spiderman backpack *
  17. Mickey backpack *
  18.  Hearts Backpack *
  19.  Stars Backpack *
  20. Glittered candlestick *
  21.  Painted candlestick
  22. Laundry bag 1*
  23.  Laundry bag 2*
  24.  Car bag
  25.  Curtains for Kayden room
  26.  Good boy hanging *
  27. Cute quote hangings
  28.  Recycled Toy Bag *
  29.  Wicker Shelf
  30.  Easel
  31.  Jewelry Box 1
  32. Jewelry Box 2
  33.  Baseball Wreath
  34.  Dress Tube Top
  35.  Star Glass Jar *
  36.  Key Stash *
  37.  Liquid Soap
  38.  Soap Dispenser
  39.  Jewelry Holder *
  40.  Giant K
  41. Refinish Tall Dresser
  42.  Plates
  43.  Music Notes
  44.  Comic Box *
  45.  Sleeping Bag 1 *
  46. Sleeping Bag 2 *
  47. Sleeping Bag 3*
  48. Sleeping Bag 4*
  49. Sleeping Bag 5*
  50. Sleeping Bag 6*
  51. Paint Connor’s bookshelf
  52. Chandelier
  53.  Spice Rack
  54.  Chore Frame
  55. Little Serving Tray
  56. Rocking Chair
  57. Paint Shell Chandelier
  58. Leopard Jean Jacket 
  59. Swiffer Pad

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