Saturday, August 3, 2013

DIY For Him Comic Book Box!

Finally a tutorial! I know I know it took long enough right? Unfortunately I can't get better pictures because it was a gift for the ex. He took it with him when he moved out. It's OK, I'm not sad. I ended things. 
I'm currently posting from outside at my yard sale. Not doing too bad out here but it's Phoenix and August so it's HOT outside! 
Wooden Box (Hobby Lobby $2.50)
Mod Podge (on hand but you can get it for $5.00)
Comic Book ($.50 at Bookmans)
Foam Brush ( on hand but $.10)
File (just in case)
Step one: Cut up your comic book. I did squares/rectangles in different sizes and put them in my bowl! I used a Captain America book. It took abut 4 pages to cover the box.

Step two: Paint the back of the squres in Mod Podge. Start placing them on your box!

Cover the box! Make it fun.
Step 4: After the box is is covered in your pages cover it in Mod Podge. Do at least 2 coats over the top. This keeps it shiney and keeps anything from popping up! 

DONE! Awesome right?!  He loved it! 

My total out of pocket was $3.00 I had the Mod Podge and all that on hand!

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