Monday, February 4, 2013

Market It Monday #2 Aprons

So I got 2 more things listed this week. Yes seriously that's it... only 2 more. I've been a busy girl.  With doing my other posts, working, thrifting, my yard sale, and being sick. I'm still sick. :(

Hey speaking of thrifting I am thinking of working $10 a week into my budget for thrift store shopping. I really want to make my house nice this year.  So I just might be adding another day to my week... Frugal Friday! What do you think?

So here are the 2 aprons I did manage to list.

The first is just in time for Mother's Day. An old school tattoo print Mom apron.
Buy it here
The next apron is pretty early... but who doesn't love Halloween?  THis cute polka dot and spiders will change your mind if you say you don't!
Buy it here
That's it for today! Make sure to come check out my tutorial's a cute one for the moms!

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