Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pin Test #2 Vinegar and Water In Microwave then Wipe Clean

So it's time for another Pin Test. We are also doing another yard sale this weekend. I haven't made the money this weekend I did last weekend but I still sold some more crap. Which is fun because it gives me money to go to the thrift shop and buy more crap things I need REALLY bad!

I tested this pin...

 It works like this... get a microwave safe bowl add 1 cup of water and 1 cup of vinegar. Microwave 10 minutes and all the gunk should wipe clean with a rag.

Here is my embarrassing before picture.  YUCKY!

Here it is microwaving. While I stood there, impatiently waiting.

I wiped it with a rag. It did help a bit, but as you can see it did not just wipe clean.

Next I sprayed in some of my favorite cleaning spray! Gold Canyon Candle All Purpose spray. It smells like Rosemary and mint... mmmm... I paired that with a good old fashioned sponge and scrubbed with the green side.

 That did the trick! Nice and clean! I won't say the pin was a fail because it did help a bit but I can't say it passed either.  I figure instead of waiting 10 minutes I would rather just use my spray and scrub since I had to do so anyways.

Tomorrow I am going to The Chocolate Affaire. MMMM I can't wait to get some chocolate covered strawberries! I love them! If you live in Phoenix area you should go. It's a great time! Bye bye yard sale money!

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