Friday, November 8, 2013

Christmas Advent Calender Gift for Him, Her, and the kids.. Books and Favorite things!

I am a terrible blogger... all the promises I make fail! :( I am having a blast working on this series though! Let me tell you why I don't always blog.  I'm a single mom that takes a lot of my time.. plus I work full time.... and yes I have a part time job too! So I'm sorry! 

This week if fun because It's perfect for men, women, and children!

First: Books

Goodwill is full of books! Tons of awesome books! Hard covers at my Goodwill are $2.99! They can be purchased on $1 day which is my favorite day! Also on half off day! Paperbacks are mostly $1.99 but some are $1.49! 

You can easily score some awesome books for cheap!

I got these for me at Goodwill! I have a weak spot for Buffy... I just can't help it! I paid $1.00 for each book!

It gets even better... there's never a shortage of kids books either!

Sadly I don't have a picture of them! :( When I went to Goodwill to snap some pics my poor baby threw up! :( 

But back to the post..... Kids books at my Goodwill are $.99 or $.69... and here and there $1.49! 

Talk about cheap! 25 awesome stories?! We have tons.. Lion King, Bearnstain Bears, Dr Suess, and so much more!

Second: My Favorite Things! 

This one is fun! It can be uber cheap or crazy expensive!  Plus it's a variety of fun stuff.. a new surprise each day!
If I could make my own 25 favorite things....

1. Nail Polish ($2.00)

2. EOS Lip Balm ($3.00)
3. Thread ($1.50)

4. Eye Shadow ($3.00)
This is from ELF you can break it into a few days or leave it as 1... right now it's on sale!
5. Scratcher tickets ($1.00 each)
6. Hoop Earrings ($1.00)
7. 1 time use face mask ($1.00)
8. Craft paint ($1.50)

9. Glitter ($3.00)
10. Glue Sticks ($3.00)
11. Reeses Cups ($1.00)
12. Headphones ($1.00)
13. Panties ($3.00)
14. Book ($2.00)
15. DVD.. Wal-Mart has tons for ($5.00)
16. Pens ($1.00)
17. Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer ($1.00)
18. Fake eyelashes ($1.00)
19. Mod Podge ($5.00)
20. Mini Liquer Bottle ($1.00)
21. Fire Cheetos ($2.00)
22. Bobby Pins ($1.00)
23.  Cute Cup this cup is ($13.50)
24. Lotion ($3.00)
25. Cute Necklace ($5.00)
This one is on sale at Tilly's right now!

Grand Total:$64

That's not bad at all and I would be excited for all of them! 

Start thinking about you special someone... or mini someone.. this would be a sinch with kids! Seriously... $25.00 or less on the kids!

Get to shopping... Christmas is in less than 7 weeks! 

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