Sunday, April 3, 2016

It's been 2 years?

I can hardly believe it has been 2 years since I made a post. Where has the time gone? I have moved twice, started a new job, went to Disneyland, and that's about it. 

I have done some crafting over the 2 years. Only a little thrifting. A lot of working my regular job. 

I've had a creative block. I just spend so much time working 2 jobs, being a mom, and working through (another) breakup. I just haven't had time.

I do have a few small projects to share. It's the small things in life. 

I started with this lovely 4 pack of coasters from Dollar Tree.

With some Goo Gone and hot water you can get that cork park out of there...

Add a little comic books, or rub on stickers, and a light coat of resin and I'm left with these beauties.

Yea... they are on plastic bags so they can dry. 

Next up also includes hacked up comics... but this time I added canvas, mod podge, and wood letters. 

I gave these to someone as a gift. It was hard though.  I wanted to keep them so bad!

The last one for now is a quick thrift store DIY.

I grabbed this silver tray at Savers for $.99. I think most of their housewares are overpriced so I don't get much there. 

I slopped on a few coats of paint, some rub on silver, and boom all pretty. 

This will likely come with me in June to go visit AR and see my BFF.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Thrift Store Jewelry Box

I did this project months ago but I had to wait to post it because it was a gift! The birthday gift for my bestie Ciara. So I had to wait to post until after I have it to her!

It all started with this thrift store jewelry box It was $3. The glass was broken out and the velvet had some staining. It seemed like someone spilled oil of some sort in there!

Step one was to paint it! I love this paint! I painted all of it! Including the pink velvet inside!

Next I taped the sides and added sripes on the top  of the box. 

Next I started adding glitter! A coat of Mod Podge and some beautiful glitter! It took about 4 coats but I would have been fine with 3!

I cut part of a pizza box to fit where the glass was supposed to be and with some Mod Podge and scrapbook paper went to work!

I was left with this beauty! 

She LOVED this box! It has gold, glitter, and sheet music! What's not to love!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A quick Nail Polish Rack!

I've gone missing again! :( Life keeps me pretty busy and sometimes thinking about a blog post stresses me out! Plus I didn't thrift for abut 3 months! I just couldn't afford it! So reacently I had some extra money and skipped to Goodwill! 

OK I went to get baby girl clothes for a friend who was having her baby shower. Yes, she knew I was buying them used! I wish I would have taken a picture though. because I got the CUTEST baby clothes ever!

While wondering around plenty of things made it into my cart! Hey don't judge me it was 50% off day!

One of them was this sweet little spice rack! It was $2! You could tell it was handmade and then painted this ivory color. The paint was dripping! There were big scratches all over it.  This spice shef had seen better days! 

As soon as I saw it I knew I could use it for nail polish until I make my big one! This one will work for a few of them! 

I washed it and scrubbed it with a sponge and dish soap. After I let it dry I went outside and gave it 2 quick coats of spray paint! That's right no primer... no sanding. 

Here it is! It's pink of course! It held 25 bottles of polish! I was surprised! I do love it!  I used it for pinks and clears! Can't wait to build my big stand!

Well that's all for now. I must go meet a friend for lunch! 

I'll be back soon!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Christmas Advent Calender Gift for Him, Her, and the kids.. Books and Favorite things!

I am a terrible blogger... all the promises I make fail! :( I am having a blast working on this series though! Let me tell you why I don't always blog.  I'm a single mom that takes a lot of my time.. plus I work full time.... and yes I have a part time job too! So I'm sorry! 

This week if fun because It's perfect for men, women, and children!

First: Books

Goodwill is full of books! Tons of awesome books! Hard covers at my Goodwill are $2.99! They can be purchased on $1 day which is my favorite day! Also on half off day! Paperbacks are mostly $1.99 but some are $1.49! 

You can easily score some awesome books for cheap!

I got these for me at Goodwill! I have a weak spot for Buffy... I just can't help it! I paid $1.00 for each book!

It gets even better... there's never a shortage of kids books either!

Sadly I don't have a picture of them! :( When I went to Goodwill to snap some pics my poor baby threw up! :( 

But back to the post..... Kids books at my Goodwill are $.99 or $.69... and here and there $1.49! 

Talk about cheap! 25 awesome stories?! We have tons.. Lion King, Bearnstain Bears, Dr Suess, and so much more!

Second: My Favorite Things! 

This one is fun! It can be uber cheap or crazy expensive!  Plus it's a variety of fun stuff.. a new surprise each day!
If I could make my own 25 favorite things....

1. Nail Polish ($2.00)

2. EOS Lip Balm ($3.00)
3. Thread ($1.50)

4. Eye Shadow ($3.00)
This is from ELF you can break it into a few days or leave it as 1... right now it's on sale!
5. Scratcher tickets ($1.00 each)
6. Hoop Earrings ($1.00)
7. 1 time use face mask ($1.00)
8. Craft paint ($1.50)

9. Glitter ($3.00)
10. Glue Sticks ($3.00)
11. Reeses Cups ($1.00)
12. Headphones ($1.00)
13. Panties ($3.00)
14. Book ($2.00)
15. DVD.. Wal-Mart has tons for ($5.00)
16. Pens ($1.00)
17. Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer ($1.00)
18. Fake eyelashes ($1.00)
19. Mod Podge ($5.00)
20. Mini Liquer Bottle ($1.00)
21. Fire Cheetos ($2.00)
22. Bobby Pins ($1.00)
23.  Cute Cup this cup is ($13.50)
24. Lotion ($3.00)
25. Cute Necklace ($5.00)
This one is on sale at Tilly's right now!

Grand Total:$64

That's not bad at all and I would be excited for all of them! 

Start thinking about you special someone... or mini someone.. this would be a sinch with kids! Seriously... $25.00 or less on the kids!

Get to shopping... Christmas is in less than 7 weeks! 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Advent Calender for Rockstar Him and Girly Her

I know what you're thinking where have I been!?  I'm sorry. :( I moved and had no internet for a while while everything was getting put together. more on that later though... 

I offer you another set of amazing Advent Gift ideas! Remember my goal is 25 gifts with the total cost being $100 or less!

For Him Guitar Picks!

Guitar picks are rad.. they have TONS of bad ass ones and can be purchaed for cheap!

These picks are from Ebay The cost is $4.25 for 12 of them! That's pretty cheap and if you only give 1 a day it's exciting and will only cost you about $10 for 25 pics!
For my crafting friends
This Pick Punch can be purchased on Amazon It's $29 and you can make your own picks! Use old credit cards, or used up gift cards! They do sell cool things just for this but really you can gets cards all over! Even Wal-mart has some cool gift cards that you can grab 1 or 2 of! Stores like Hallmark or Barnes and Noble sell sentimental wallet cards! Plus you can always order some online! 

Picks are an awesome idea! They are small and can be as cheap or expesive as you want! The can be generic or totally original!

For Her Nail Polish!

Girls love nail polish.. with Pinterest we get to pin millions of awesome nail ideas! Nail polish goes so much farther than just polish!

Starting with Just polish is a great way to start!  Make sure to include some nice solid colors, metalic, or neon whatever your lady is into! Don't forget a glossy top coat and a matte one as well!  There are magnetic paints and crackle paints too!

One brand I enjoy using for cheap is Pure Ice It can be purchased anywhere Wal-Mart has it forUnder $2.00! You can of coure always do OPI they have great polish but its more expensive at $9.00 at places like Ulta

After you get a good dose of polish colors you can add on fun things too!

On Amazon for just $6.00 you can get this set. It has 4 dotting pens to get some rad polka dot nails and 10 nail tapes! This alone can give 100s of unique nail designs!

Or you can get this Color Wheel for less than $2.00....

Ebay is full n awesome things too!  Like this stamping plate set!
You can away add in nail stickers, polish remover, files, clippers, and buffers too! They are cheap and during Christmas tons of CUTE ones come out!
I will warn men with this... Shopping for your lad is not like shopping for kids! Please don't but the kiddie polish sets.. No Nerds nail polish! Though cute they are terrible quality and she will NEVER wear it!  If you need more nail ideas leave a comment I would be glad to help!

Nail polish makes each girl happy! Freshly painted nails make me feel so much better and put together! 

Both of these ideas can be dirt cheap for 25 gifts or totally expesive!

Check back soon for another one! I promise  I'm back and with internet now!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Recent Thrifty Fun!

I got some good stuff lately. Thrift store clothing is the only ay to go especially for kids. My son just turned 4 but wears a size 5 and I imagine he will be in 6 by Winter. 

He grows like a weed. For that reason I thrift most of his clothes. 

Not only do I thrift but I load up his old clothes and take them to a 2nd hand shop. 

This is 4 shits and 3 pairs of shorts. They were free! I used my store credit!

I also scored these 4 awesome shirts for me. Who gets rid of a like new Darth Vader shirt?!

Then I scored this super cute and it great shape black leather bag! Also for free! The closure is so cute and I love the gold chain!

So thrift on! Also don't forget about your local 2nd hand stores that buy clothes. I got $40 in credit and the clothes are thrift shop priced (or cheaper!)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ugly Frame to beautiful tray!

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday. OK so there's no tutorial. Sorry. I forget to take during pics often!

 I found these beauties at my Goodwill! The frame was $2.99 and the glass bird was $1.99 so $5 got the both. 

I could see the pretty from these. Can't you already see it?

I could have picked up some of these instead. Seriously though... they are creepy! 

I slapped on a coat of spray primer. Then some bright spray paint. I even had scrapbook paper and a sticker added in the mix!

Beautiful right?! One mans trash really I another (wo)mans come up!

I can't wait to get these into my new room!