Tuesday, February 5, 2013

YHL Fu*$*ng awesome thrift challenge!

So from reading all the other posts I must admit something.... I stumbled across YHL blog while looking up the phrase "thrift shop" on Pinterest. I am not an avid reader of the blog. I know. Please forgive me!  I have since spent some time looking at the blog and wow. Totally awesome. I saw a competition going on.

I am already a fan of thrift shopping... I frequent them. I am excited at the crazy silly things I find. I decided I wanted to be a part of this!  I was already thinking about adding a Frugal Friday to my weekly posts which would sometimes include trips to the thrift shop.

There are 5 thrift stores close to my house and another on my way to work in a neighborhood that is much more upscale. I've seen fridge freezer combos there! I digress.. I'll post about that on Friday.

I did not take a picture of me outside with $20 because first I was using plastic and second there was a group of unsavory looking people out there.

I did however get a picture of this effing awesome keyboard. Not going to lie... It brought out the inner rockstar! This is Phoenix... we don't have any big ass coats or knee boards.

My son was excited when he found this Buzz but it was too broken for me... even with the nice $3.00 price tag. Notice he is missing a hand, filthy, the front of his helmet is gone.

The beau found this cards cup... awesome? Look at all the stress fractures.... man that thing is 1 ice cube away from death... $2.00 no thank you!

It makes me sad to see handmade blankets at the thrift store. :(  You could tell it was old by the feel of the yard.. and there is your proof chevrons were cool in the 70's too! At the $2.99 price I was tempted. One day I am going to think of a great way to rescue all these blankets and turn them into something to be loved again.... This might also be called a skeet blanket though....

I saw this beautiful swan serving dish.... I could see it with a fresh coat of spray paint catching keys or holding candy.  It was priced at $17.99 which I would say is worth it... but this is not really my style and a bit rich for me... $18 for something that is beautiful but just not me? I had to pass again.

This wardrobe would be awesome with some new paint! Oh I wish it could be mine but first it was $50.00 and second I drive a Ford Focus... that is NOT going to fit in there!

What did I come home with? Well I did pretty good if I do say say myself! 

My son picked out 5 new movies!  Yes he has a TV and VCR in his room.  He is a 3.5 year old little boy.. hes crazy... he ruins DVDs.  Good old VHS kick them across the room and they still play just fine! We sold lots of his toys and clothes at the yard sale so it was fair to let him spend some spoils.

He also picked out this bag with large dinosaurs, a car, and what he calls 2 Tiggers... priced $2.99 and this huge aquadoodle mat! I looked and all the parts are there!  It was a Target tag still on it..original prices $25.99 on clearance for $12.98. I bought it for $2.99. My son did well I would say!

My goodies! A brass magazine rack priced $3.99 with a green tag so it was half off! $1.99! 2 embroidery loops which I do have have plans for! Priced $.59 each!  A mannequin form .. I love it.. I have one but am glad to have another one for craft show displays for my aprons! Price $7.99.

Since the yard sale last weekend did so well we are having another one this weekend. While going through the kitchen I had decided to get rid of my cheap-o dollar store pitchers and decided next time I see a vintage pitcher it's mine. Just my luck... there were 2 there... my head was dancing..

I could see opening my fridge during the hot Phoenix summer and see a whole shelf of vintage pitchers.. full of cold orange juice, iced tea, lemonade, water, Kool-Aid, and apple juice. Ahhhh I hope to find more awesome ones! The orange one was $1.99 and the one with a lid was also $1.99

I know if you have been adding this is over $20.00 BUT WAIT.... I had a 20% off total purchase! The total after tax was about $21.00 so still went a bit over. :(

Here is what I did with that bronze rack! a can of spray paint $.96  from Wal-Mart... yep that's right I buy the cheap spray paint because after the classy comes the cheap punk ;) Now I have a cute TP holder.  Also I need to go in there and mop! YIKES!

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