Sunday, February 17, 2013

What a slacker :(

I missed all my posts this week! What a slacker I am!  Let me tell you what happened!

Market it Monday is on hold because my Etsy got hacked into. I have to do some work to get it back up!

The other days were because I finally went to Urgent Care for being sick. I had a bad cold and a horrible ear infection! :( The medication for the ear infection was no good. Apparently I have developed an allergy to amoxicillan.  I was so sick. Even more sick form the medicine than I was before I went in!

I did make it to Goodwill for dollar day this week and did get some great finds. I will show you my sweet finds soon.

One of the finds is large and I have been outside working on it all day! I'm having tons of fun!

So please forgive me for this week. I will do better next week!

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