Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pin Test 2 Magic Eraser In Toilet

I love the idea of cleaning without really doing anything... remember I am not a great house keeper :(. So when I saw this pin I thought, hot damn, this is great. I have this annoying ring... I scrub it... add bleach... nothing helps.  I figured welp... this would help.

So here is the pin I tested.  Magic Eraser in toilet bowl over night  and no more ring!

Here is my before picture.... see pretty much white except that ring!!

I wasn't sure how much a small piece was so I oped to cut 4 little triangles toss them in there. After I made sure everyone knew no using that bathroom for 8 whole hours.  I decided 10 was better.

I went to bed. Late... but to bed.  I woke up sick as a dog! I mean sick.. this would not have been so sucky if I wasn't having a yard sale today. AAAAHHH! After about 1.5 hours of sleep I had to come out into the cold and work.

After a few hours of drinking hot tea and selling crap really classy stuff I decided 10 hours was enough and went to check on my toilet.

This is what I saw. I made a pouty  face and took a picture of the inside of my toilet to post the internet... this made me laugh.

So the results... epic fail! This pin did not work! :(  What a sad day.

Good thing for the yard sale...... Mamma needs some spray paint.. and I'm on a strict budget right now.


  1. Hi There!
    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog, so I could find
    yours! Thanks for testing the pins! I was going to try the magic eraser one, but now you saved me the trouble! Going to check out some more posts later!

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