Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday #3 Dollar Tree Washcloths to Fabulous Unique Baby Shower Gift

Today is a fun tutorial. It's sewing, frugal, and cute! Customizable baby shower gift that works great as washcloths and as booger cleaners. Since they are pretty soft they aren't too rough on the face.

1 pack of washcloths I got these 4 at Dollar Tree
Sewing machine with notions
Scrap fabric (right from my stash)

Cut your fabric a tiny bit larger than the washcloth since this brand of washcloth has a little stretch. Pin right sides together and sew.

Leave a small opening so you can turn it. It's best to leave the opening on a straight part of the cloth not the curve.
Flip you wascloth so the right sides are now out.

Tuck the opening inside and pin it. Next, put it back under the machine and topstitch starting and ending at your pin.
Lather, rinse, and repeat. I mean repeat the above steps to all the washcloths. 

See here I have 4 beautiful and unique washcloths for a shower gift!  For the record they were a huge hit at the shower because they were so cute.

Total out of pocket cost: $1.00

Wish me luck tomorrow at Goodwill for dollar day! 

Sumo's Sweet Stuff

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