Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tutorial #2 One Of a Kind Framed Art and Quick Update

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday #2! Today's tutorial is fun for the whole family.  Beautiful one of a kind framed art...from the heart.

Here are the supplies you will need to start:

One poster board from Dollar Tree $.59 and a pack of finger paints $1.00.

Next tool a willing artist. This is mine. He was excited to paint for me.

Start painting.  We had a great time painting... this is his rendition of a dinosaur.

After the painting is finished let it dry.

I got this picture and frame for free. My sister gave it to me for my yard sale but I kept it.  It's a nice frame and mat.

I figured out what I wanted to put in the frame. Placed my mat over it and trace a light line. Then I cut outside the line and taped it into the frame. Then hung it up.

I love it. Also up today is a quick little update.

I have been staring up here all week deciding that I want to start a collection and place it up here for decor. Then I realized man this is a mess..... I grabbed an extra basket I had laying around and threw stuff in there.

Awwww...... much better. Now I can stare with a better idea of what I want? I am leaning towards candle stick holders.

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