Sunday, August 18, 2013

Advent #2 Him, Her, and the littles Sweet Treats and Undies!

This week the 2 options I have are prefect for men, women, and the kiddies!  One is useful the other is fun! 

First: Undies!

Who doesn't love new undies? I own LOTS of panties. I love them. I buy them as a pick me up! 

There are a million places to women's undies at $4.00 or less. 

My favorite is Charlotte Russe 

They go on sale often at 5 pairs for $12.00

For him:
These are cute right? They are $5.99 but that's OK. A few of this style and the rest of the in the bag 5 for $12.00 kind.
These are from Target!

For The Little Miss and MR:
 Littles love a selection of undiess too. 

 These Hello Kitty undies are from Wal-Mart

I just picked these up for my little man. He thinks he is sooo cool when he has them on! These are from Amaon

Kids undies come aren't too expensive. About $2.00 a pair. 

2nd Sweet Tooth!

Candy and treats is a good choice. The possibilities are endless. You could bake yummy treats if you have time. They have LOTS of sugar free options.  Plus it can be as cheap or expensive as you want.

Dollar Tree has plenty of options for just $1.00. Including sugar free! My son loves Ring Pops! I like cinnamon candy. 
For the adults you can buy some cool stuff. 
This kit it $30 for $64 pieces. They are pretty yummy. ) We get them around the holidays with my family. 

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Advent Calender ideas!

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