Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Recent Thrifty Fun!

I got some good stuff lately. Thrift store clothing is the only ay to go especially for kids. My son just turned 4 but wears a size 5 and I imagine he will be in 6 by Winter. 

He grows like a weed. For that reason I thrift most of his clothes. 

Not only do I thrift but I load up his old clothes and take them to a 2nd hand shop. 

This is 4 shits and 3 pairs of shorts. They were free! I used my store credit!

I also scored these 4 awesome shirts for me. Who gets rid of a like new Darth Vader shirt?!

Then I scored this super cute and it great shape black leather bag! Also for free! The closure is so cute and I love the gold chain!

So thrift on! Also don't forget about your local 2nd hand stores that buy clothes. I got $40 in credit and the clothes are thrift shop priced (or cheaper!)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ugly Frame to beautiful tray!

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday. OK so there's no tutorial. Sorry. I forget to take during pics often!

 I found these beauties at my Goodwill! The frame was $2.99 and the glass bird was $1.99 so $5 got the both. 

I could see the pretty from these. Can't you already see it?

I could have picked up some of these instead. Seriously though... they are creepy! 

I slapped on a coat of spray primer. Then some bright spray paint. I even had scrapbook paper and a sticker added in the mix!

Beautiful right?! One mans trash really I another (wo)mans come up!

I can't wait to get these into my new room!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Advent #2 Him, Her, and the littles Sweet Treats and Undies!

This week the 2 options I have are prefect for men, women, and the kiddies!  One is useful the other is fun! 

First: Undies!

Who doesn't love new undies? I own LOTS of panties. I love them. I buy them as a pick me up! 

There are a million places to women's undies at $4.00 or less. 

My favorite is Charlotte Russe 

They go on sale often at 5 pairs for $12.00

For him:
These are cute right? They are $5.99 but that's OK. A few of this style and the rest of the in the bag 5 for $12.00 kind.
These are from Target!

For The Little Miss and MR:
 Littles love a selection of undiess too. 

 These Hello Kitty undies are from Wal-Mart

I just picked these up for my little man. He thinks he is sooo cool when he has them on! These are from Amaon

Kids undies come aren't too expensive. About $2.00 a pair. 

2nd Sweet Tooth!

Candy and treats is a good choice. The possibilities are endless. You could bake yummy treats if you have time. They have LOTS of sugar free options.  Plus it can be as cheap or expensive as you want.

Dollar Tree has plenty of options for just $1.00. Including sugar free! My son loves Ring Pops! I like cinnamon candy. 
For the adults you can buy some cool stuff. 
This kit it $30 for $64 pieces. They are pretty yummy. ) We get them around the holidays with my family. 

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Advent Calender ideas!

Friday, August 16, 2013

DIY Dollar Store Apothecary jar take 2!

My first apothecary jar was so amazing I made another one. 

This was cheap and easy and I love it even more than the other ones!


Candle Stick ($1.00 from Dollar Tree)
Glass Jar ($1.00 from Dollar Tree)
Mod Podge (On hand or $5)
Foam Brush (On hand or $.10)
E6000 (On hand or $4.00)
Glitter (On hand or $3.00)
Total Cost: $2.00

Now I'm sorry I didn't take picture during the process but I get messy and did not want to ruin m camera.

1. Paint the candle stick with Mod Podge in sections and dump on glitter
2. Let dry about 20 minutes and do the same thing again
3. You might do this 2 or 3 times.
4. Let dry another 20 minutes.
5. Paint over the glitter at least 2 coats of Mod Podge to seal it all in
6. Let dry over night
7. Apply E6000 to the top of the candle stick (which is not covered in glitter)
8. Apply that to your jar.
9. Place something heavy in the jar to keep it still 
10. I used marbles
It's amazing right! I'm using it for bobby pins. I have lots of those. When I do see them at the dollar store I buy a pack. I go through them like crazy. 

It's my favorite!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thrift store score plus a refinished project!

I have a problem. Really I can't stop thrifting.  Shopping make me happy. I m an emotional shopper. Thrifting allows me to shop away my feelings and it's cheaper than going to the mall!

I found this cute cars lap desk. It was $1.50 my son is obsessed with Lightning Mcqueen. Good score I think!

I scored him 6 awesome shirts in size 5. $1.00 each! 

Thrifting is the best for kids clothes. I'm telling you. They grow like weeds and even at Wal-Mart a shirt is $3.00 each! I got 6 shirts for the price of 2!

Then I found this. I was SOOO excited. Since I am moving out of my house into a small apartment with a roommate I need a place to put mail. I had been searching for something and this is amazing. It opens up and holds keys! It was $3.00. 

A quick coat of red spray paint and stickers from Hobby Lobby. A for Ashleigh and N for Nick. This will help me for sure. I tend to just put things down. So having an exact spot to put mail and keys ensures they will not get lost!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week 1 his and hers Advent Calender!

So it's here my week 1 post.  My goal is to give ideas for advent calenders. 25 gifts for $100 or less and most importantly don't suck! I would be thrilled with any of these for her gift ideas!

They all take some thought and that always such someone just how much they are loved. Also how well you know them! 

So without further ado here is week one!

For her: Thrift Store Jewlery (or yard sales?)

Starting early means you have months to take your time and pick only awesome things instead of being in a hurry and settling on pieces you don't love.

I reacently picked up these 2 necklaces! They were $1.50 each and I adore them!

The prices at my thrift store work like this. Most necklaces are $2.99. Bracelets are $1.99. Earrings $.99 Broaches $1.99. Watches $4.99. That is most of the prices. My store never really has rings. 

Every other Sturday is 50% off everything in the store. So I can score some cute stuff for pretty cheap!

Each Thursday is $1 day! All the tags of a specific color are $1.00. That's how I prefer to buy my work clothes!  But I have purchased some cute jewelry too!

Think about it... 25 peices or jewelry.. vintage, new, cheap, fancy.. it's all there!  

I would squeal with joy each day I got to see my new awesome jewelry. There are plenty of places to score awesome jewelry for cheap. Thrift Stores, yard sales, clothing stores often have $1 jewelry, and Claires has sales all  time 10 things for $5.00!

For Him: Thrift Store Neckties

My thrift store always has TONS of ties. They are $1.99 regular price. They have beautiful silk, satin, wool. Everything. I've seen Ralph Lauren and any other fancy brand you can think of.

This is an awesome way to find designer ties or unique print vintage ties for cheap. Sale days make ties $1.00 each. I've seen silly cartoon ties as well. They even have bow-ties and skinny ties. Most of the days look brand new!

Plus if you go only on sales days it's $25 for 25 ties! You can't beat that deal!

Come back next week for more!

DIY Advent Calender Tutorial

How to make  cute Advent Calender for Chrismas (and more)

Make it Christmas Paper Mache Advent Calender from Hobby Lobby It's priced at $15.99 I used a 40% off coupon and got it for $10
Winter Christmas paper pack $8.99 purchased half off $4.50
Mod Podge on hand
Red Paint on hand
2 foam brushes on hand

First I painted all the edges with the red paint. 
Next I made my template. I just traced the box on the paper.

After I cut them out I started Mod Podging them on! I don't have detailed pictures because I'm a messy crafter. In this process I also started putting the scrap paper on the large box as well.
 I laid them out to dry a little bit. Then I painted over them with the Mod Podge again. I did about 3 good coats to make sure everything was on there!

Cute right?! I love it. 

In fact I love it so much...

I had another one...

This one will hold my earrings! :) 

I can't wait to get my room set up!

So once a week I'll be posting different Advent Calender gift ideas for him and her. All cost $100 or less!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thrift store Clutches and purse!

I love thrifting. I mean I love it. I look back at my life and wonder how I lived before thrifting.

Then I remembered my house wasn't decorated and my clothes were falling apart. 

I love clothes, and shoes, and purses. I like to have lots of choices. 

So I went to Goodwill on half off day. I love half off day. 

I went thinking I needed some clutches. I don't have many small bags. Mostly just big ones.

I carry large purses that have my whole life in them! 

I did find some cute little clutches! 4 of them! Woo Hoo! 

The silver one is a hard body with metal chain and metal closure  it's sparkly and I love it. I love sparkles! I got it for $1.50

The gold one is classic clutch. Button close and is a good size. $1.00

The tiny black one has a cute beaded fringe and a beaded strap! It's cute and will work for a night out! It was $1.00

The white pleather purse is cute. Button closure and a cute bow! It has  silver metal chain. It was the most expensive of the 4 at $2.00!

Then I saw this. It's beautiful light brown and has cute buckle detailing. It's big and in great shape.  I swear it was never used. If it was used it must have been used once!

The inside has lots of pockets! Isn't it lovely! Yes it is!  I love it!

It was $4.00

Grand total $9.50! Not bad for 5 new bags right?!

I'm going to start a new series on Saturday! I can't wait to show you all!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

DIY For Him Comic Book Box!

Finally a tutorial! I know I know it took long enough right? Unfortunately I can't get better pictures because it was a gift for the ex. He took it with him when he moved out. It's OK, I'm not sad. I ended things. 
I'm currently posting from outside at my yard sale. Not doing too bad out here but it's Phoenix and August so it's HOT outside! 
Wooden Box (Hobby Lobby $2.50)
Mod Podge (on hand but you can get it for $5.00)
Comic Book ($.50 at Bookmans)
Foam Brush ( on hand but $.10)
File (just in case)
Step one: Cut up your comic book. I did squares/rectangles in different sizes and put them in my bowl! I used a Captain America book. It took abut 4 pages to cover the box.

Step two: Paint the back of the squres in Mod Podge. Start placing them on your box!

Cover the box! Make it fun.
Step 4: After the box is is covered in your pages cover it in Mod Podge. Do at least 2 coats over the top. This keeps it shiney and keeps anything from popping up! 

DONE! Awesome right?!  He loved it! 

My total out of pocket was $3.00 I had the Mod Podge and all that on hand!