Monday, February 18, 2013

Thrift Store Score #1

My post tonight comes a little late because my big sister had her baby tonight, and I am now a proud aunt! Connor is big, healthy, and oh so cute! My little monkey is so excited to go meet him tomorrow!

So this will be my first thrift store score post. I love thrift stores. I love to turn trash into treasure!

For the yard sales I went through my closet... and I mean really went through it. I got rid of things that didn't fit anymore or that I just don't wear. I LOVE clothes. I am an emotional shopper. I buy clothes when I'm sad, mad, stressed, and to celebrate.  I purged over 60 items from my closet!  HOLY CRAP! My closet was half empty.

After that I needed to replace some of those clothes. Since money is REALLY tight right now I decided to go to Goodwill. In Phoenix every Thursday we have $1 day! Everything with a certain tag color is just $1!

On my way to work I decided to stop (much like I do every week!)

I arrived just before 9AM when they open. There was already a line! The Goodwill I went to is in a better neighborhood than I live in. While they have better clothes they have less vintage kitchen items.

This Goodwill has TONS of furniture! Here is a quick picture I snapped.  I did end up making a furniture purchase for my son's big boy bedroom makeover. That will be in another post though!

This cracked me up! It's like a Catholic person and a Dexter fan designed a house. I get that maybe it could be for the blood of Christ but really? It doesn't match the saying very well.  It was only $1 that week but I left it for someone who might appreciate it more than I did.

Here is my loot! 2 pairs of  name brand blue jeans, a khaki trench coat, a cute bright dress, a vintage nightgown (it was too pretty to pass up!), a Tommy Hillfiger tank top, the black top still had tags on it meaning it was never worn! it was purchased for $12.00 at a discount Dillard's I could recognize the tag, and a vintage party dress complete with shoulder pads. That will get a fabulous refashion!

Grand total $8.00 plus tax! Can't beat that!

I will of course be going again this Thursday and the beau will be coming with me. He will be looking for clothes for the 5 kids for summer before we go buy them new! Hope we score a few $1 deals!

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  1. Good for you , I love shopping at a great Goodwill, they are much better in larger cities

    seen you on Coastal Charm


  2. I am lucky to have 3 Goodwill's within a 5 minute drive!