Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pin Test #5 DIY Lotion Bars

This week I did a Pin Test on DIY lotion bars. You can buy them at Lush for $9.00 and up.  I chose this pin...
You can find the original instructions here!

I grabbed my supplies. Which I had at home already! :)  You will notice that what I used was a bit different. I used mango butter instead of shea butter, and almond oil because that is what I had already. The pickle jar has beeswax. I grated it with a microplane.

I chose to use six tbs of each.  When the beeswax was mostly melted I added the mango butter. I added that almond oil when that was melted, and then added in some tropical punch essential oil. 
 I quickly took my mixture out of the water, and started to pour it into the molds. I had a bit leftover at the end. That's alright though I will remelt it and put it into the molds.

I popped them out of the mold.  I used one already.  It did start greasy, but my hands feel nice now. These would make a great gift! Fast, easy, and cheap to make a bunch!

I say this is a pin pass!


  1. This is perfect timing as I've just decided to have a go at lotion bars for my grandaughter. I'm glad you tried it first, now I'm more confident as my pin tries sometimes fail miserably!

  2. This was very simple and I love them! Try it. You will have a blast!