Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday #1 Christmas Box

I have completed  my first ever tutorial! If I could do better let me know what you thought was missing.

This is both a tutorial and some frugal words of advice! I knew I needed 2 things first a tutorial to post and second a box for Christmas money!

Saving Christmas money for me is important. I have my son plus 6 people (soon to be 7 when my nephew is born) in my immediate family to buy for. On top of that I have 2 white elephant gifts that must be $50.00. Wait it gets worse.... I also have my beau and he has 4.. that's right count them 4 kids! That's 14 people to get gifts for! 6 of which are children aged 2-10!  I DIY as many gifts as I can but I still have to buy supplies. Christmas is expensive!

Now theres a few ways you can save money for Christmas.. the first is the $10 a week plan. That will give you $520 for Christmas gifts! $10 a week is easy even on a budget. Cut out 1 lunch out each week of 2 things at the grocery store that are not on your list.  $520 a year with no real work!

The second is the extra money plan. You can save something specific... like each time you have a $5 bill instead of spending it you save it. Or all your change. This is a great way to save too.

Saving throughout the year is better to keep you on budget! Plus you will have cash ready for Black Friday or an awesome sale!

Without further ado... my Christmas money savings box!

Here is what I started with first...

A wooden box, sandpaper, Mod Podge, craft paint, a paper plate, and a paint brush or sponge.

I got my box at goodwill (like 2 years ago!) I'm sure I paid about $1 for it on half price week. I love boxes I have them all over my house. I get one each time I travel somewhere! I collect them!

I cut a square from my large sandpaper. It's easier to work with that way.

I sanded just enough to get the gloss finish off. Paint does not hold well or even to a glossy finish. Trust me!

When I was done my hands looked like this! I washed them and then used a damp cloth to get all the dust off the box.

Pour paint on you paper plate and get to work. Start with a nice thin layer. Then go over it thicker and use as many coats as it takes.

More more more pretty red paint!

I grabbed a piece of scrapbook paper from my stash. I tore the paper to fit my box. I chose to tear instead of cut  to get it a shabby vintage look.

Then I added a nice thick layer of Mod Podge to the top of the box.

I put the paper on and pressed it down nice and smooth. Make sure to get air pockets out and press edges down firmly.

It didn't look complete so I grabbed another paper and used a handy hole punch and Podged that down too. After I painted over the paper with more Mod Podge to seal it in. I used about 3 coats to make sure it was sealed on there.

Then I grabbed by sandpaper and sanded a few edges to add to the shabby look.  Then it was done. I am lazy lucky and still has a Christmas decoration out in my room for a great photo op!

Here it is completed. I love it. It looks nice and I have somewhere to stash my Christmas savings money.

Think of the possibilities. Kids pictures... bedroom decor... pretty damask!

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