Saturday, July 27, 2013

A quick blurb.....

Today is my little baby boys birthday party. His actual birthday is July 29! I'm so happy to see how big and smart he's getting. I'm also just shocked! It seems like just last weekend I had him. Once you have a baby time FLIES! 

Happy birthday Kayden Isaiah! I love you! 

The only girl he kisses is his mamma! Let's hope it stays that way! hehe. 

On a side note today is 50% off everything in the store day at Goodwill. I do plan on sneaking into there. I think for Christmas most of the lovely ladies I know will get an awesome DIY jewelry box! I have 2 but need plenty more!

I should have a tutorial up really soon... I swear. I had to change directions with the one I was going to post since my sewing machine is packed now! 

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