Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Recent Thrifty Fun!

I got some good stuff lately. Thrift store clothing is the only ay to go especially for kids. My son just turned 4 but wears a size 5 and I imagine he will be in 6 by Winter. 

He grows like a weed. For that reason I thrift most of his clothes. 

Not only do I thrift but I load up his old clothes and take them to a 2nd hand shop. 

This is 4 shits and 3 pairs of shorts. They were free! I used my store credit!

I also scored these 4 awesome shirts for me. Who gets rid of a like new Darth Vader shirt?!

Then I scored this super cute and it great shape black leather bag! Also for free! The closure is so cute and I love the gold chain!

So thrift on! Also don't forget about your local 2nd hand stores that buy clothes. I got $40 in credit and the clothes are thrift shop priced (or cheaper!)

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