Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week 1 his and hers Advent Calender!

So it's here my week 1 post.  My goal is to give ideas for advent calenders. 25 gifts for $100 or less and most importantly don't suck! I would be thrilled with any of these for her gift ideas!

They all take some thought and that always such someone just how much they are loved. Also how well you know them! 

So without further ado here is week one!

For her: Thrift Store Jewlery (or yard sales?)

Starting early means you have months to take your time and pick only awesome things instead of being in a hurry and settling on pieces you don't love.

I reacently picked up these 2 necklaces! They were $1.50 each and I adore them!

The prices at my thrift store work like this. Most necklaces are $2.99. Bracelets are $1.99. Earrings $.99 Broaches $1.99. Watches $4.99. That is most of the prices. My store never really has rings. 

Every other Sturday is 50% off everything in the store. So I can score some cute stuff for pretty cheap!

Each Thursday is $1 day! All the tags of a specific color are $1.00. That's how I prefer to buy my work clothes!  But I have purchased some cute jewelry too!

Think about it... 25 peices or jewelry.. vintage, new, cheap, fancy.. it's all there!  

I would squeal with joy each day I got to see my new awesome jewelry. There are plenty of places to score awesome jewelry for cheap. Thrift Stores, yard sales, clothing stores often have $1 jewelry, and Claires has sales all  time 10 things for $5.00!

For Him: Thrift Store Neckties

My thrift store always has TONS of ties. They are $1.99 regular price. They have beautiful silk, satin, wool. Everything. I've seen Ralph Lauren and any other fancy brand you can think of.

This is an awesome way to find designer ties or unique print vintage ties for cheap. Sale days make ties $1.00 each. I've seen silly cartoon ties as well. They even have bow-ties and skinny ties. Most of the days look brand new!

Plus if you go only on sales days it's $25 for 25 ties! You can't beat that deal!

Come back next week for more!

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