Sunday, July 21, 2013

I've been a busy bee!

Really I have. It's been crazy around here! Let me tell you. I'm moving! Leaving my house ad into an apartment with a roommate!  I've been grabbing all my thrifted treasures that needed to be painted. I've been thrifting and purchased some new work clothes too! 

Here are a few candle sticks I had waiting to be pained nice.

This pitcher. It has pretty detail but lots of scratches!

A little pink floral tray and a 1980s blue duck wall shelf!
 The little tray is much cuter now!  There's nothing Mod Podge can't fix. I cut up a couple pages from a thrift store book!
 Here are the items in  a pile. That shelf is much cuter in yellow! That bird is not a thrift score! It was brown and $9.00 at Ross.
 So cute and bright right? This is how many cans of spray paint I have! :( Plus EVERYTHING can be painted!
 The pitcher is much more amazing painted right! I can't wait to have it in my room!

I will be back soon!  I send most of my time trying to get rid of things I don't "need" It's hard!

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