Monday, June 17, 2013

Ultimate Work Clothes Thrift Score

Like I said last week  I am starting a new job in a fancy office and I have to wear dress clothes.  Sad I know. I don't own a lot of dress clothes to wear. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.
So I headed to Goodwill on Thursday for dollar day.

I scored 6 pairs of pants and 4 skirts.  They were $1.00 each.

1 dress, 1 sparkle jacket, 1 bolero (that is in the wash right now). and 10 shirts!
That's 23 items for $23.00! I got a few more things too but I need to chop them up and make them rock before I post those.
These clothes are all in great shape and most of them are name brand. If I were to shop at Ross for $23 I would have only got 1 pair of pants and maybe 1 shirt. I know there are 3 burgundy tops but I like the color. Also the sparkly jacket is my favorite and it is really right out of the 80's. It came with crappy shoulder pads and a HORRIBLE dress.
Tomorrow I'll be posting a tutorial I promise!

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