Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Welcome Back Thrift Store Score

What a month! Whew.... Let me tell you. I 1 week my house got robbed. They got my laptop with all my tutorial pictures and all of my other stuff. I then got the terrible stomach flu. After that I lost my job for being sick and my car broke!
So I am back anyways ready to blog. While I was missing I noticed I have had lots of new readers and even better... some posts were pinned!
Thanks guys! That is awesome.
So I'm back now. While I was missing I didn't even thrift! WHAT?! I know.
I went in a few times this week  though and I am planning a good trip tomorrow. I just got a new job working for a bank corporate office. I have to dress nice all the time. I need some work clothes!
I found another awesome vintage pitcher for $1.99 and those shoes were $1.00. I won't wear them but I'm going to glitter them!
Tomorrow I'm going to get some work clothes though. Wish me luck!
I will have a new tutorial up soon too!

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