Monday, March 4, 2013

Thrift Store Score #3 Goodwill Outlets

Last week I was running around and happened to be right next to the Goodwill outlets!  I had been wanting to checkout "The Bins" for a long time and I managed to get in there. 

It was rows and rows of these bins!  There were bins full of clothes. Not organized at all, bins full of books and movies, and bins with everything else. I found A LOT of trash. Then some guys walked out and took away bins and brought out new ones. 

People rush around these new bins! Then employees literally scream not to touch anything until they say go. At that point stuff goes flying! It's nuts! I did not venture over to the new bins.

I ended up purchasing 20 lbs worth of stuff! Holy cow right!

 We found these 8 VHS movies!

15 pieces of clothing. That's lots of clothes!

A lamp, 2 wood things, a trophy for beau's fantasy football, a canvas, and a cool framed art thing that I want to turn into a chalk board. 

I was super excited about this. It's a sea shell chandelier. Isn't it going to look awesome spray painted?!

We got a total of 30 items for $12.00! Can't beat that price!

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