Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Year New Everything

Hello everyone! I am starting a new everything this year! I made the goal to live 2013 better than I lived 2012. I am doing an out with the old in with the new thing!

I will open a new Etsy shop with a new name! I have a new blog with a new name! Everything is new!

I want to post more often here. I want to get some tutorials up! Have faith this year will be much better!

So I guess I'll start with an intro.....

Who am I? First of all I am a mom. A single mom who works full time. My son is 3.5 year old right now. I am a crafter. I want to DIY my life! I write poetry and sometimes songs. I like to cook. I love to shop but I am cheap frugal.

Who am I not? I am not a great housekeeper. Why lie about it. You don't ever find my house beautiful and totally clean. I hate cleaning. I am not very good at organizing. I suck at decorating. My decor is not fancy. Nothing matches each other. I am no chef.

So I welcome you to my new blog! I hope we have a great year together!

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